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Upstate awarded SUNY grant to bring precision medicine to cancer care

Upstate Medical University will receive $575,000 to establish precision medicine, the latest innovation in personalized health care. This method compiles a wide range of data on patients and their conditions from various sources, then uses that information to tailor treatment specific to that exact patient.  The award comes from the SUNY Performance and Investment Fund.

Precision medicine is the foundation of the SUNY Institute for Precision Cancer Research, Education and Care (IPCREC), a new initiative of Upstate Medical University and its partners. Upstate’s IPCREC program was one of 32 selected for funding out of 211 submissions. Partnering campuses include SUNY Oswego, Onondaga Community College and SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry.

“Precision medicine provides an incredible opportunity to provide care that is tailor made to each patient and each tumor,” said David Amberg, PhD, vice president for Research, Upstate Medical University, and principal investigator on the IPCREC grant. “The IPCREC will align the resources and infrastructure needed to bring this personalized care into our clinics.”

The IPRCEC will bring together vast amounts of data, technology to compile the data, experts to interpret it and clinicians to implement improved and better informed treatments for patients. Ultimately, IPCREC will fuse the patient’s personal data to the cancer treatments in clinic. Examples of data that will be mined include a patient’s genome sequence, the genome sequence of his/her tumor, detailed electronic health records and big data biomarker information obtained through proteomics and metabolomics.

The program is projected to launch in 2016. The facility on the Upstate campus will be located near the Upstate Cancer Center, housed in the CNY Biotech Accelerator and the Institute for Human Performance following remodeling.

The proposal will integrate Upstate’s IPCREC home base with SUNY Oswego Computational Precision Biomedicine Lab, aligning cutting edge resources to serve our students, patients and the community. The award announced this week represents only part of the overall grant, which includes funding requests for staffing, technology, equipment, facilities and other program needs.

For more information on research at Upstate, visit Research at Upstate.

Caption:  Precision Medicine will find its home in the Central New York Biotech Accelerator.

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