Conservation efforts on Elizabeth Blackwell portrait show much clearer portrait, vibrant red background

Recent conservation work on the Blackwell and Sarah Loguen Fraser portraits is part of Upstate’s plan to preserve and protect its portrait collection.


Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital takes in $202,248 thanks to Syracuse University dance marathon

SU’s OttoTHON has raised more than $820,000 since the event began in 2015.


Upstate volunteers now wear new, brighter color to stand out to patients, guests

The volunteer hue—a blue the color of a swimming pool on a sunny summer day—is unique among Upstate colors assigned to departments.

NEW LOBBY TAKES SHAPE: A major portion of Upstate University Hospital’s main lobby has reopened with the completion of a key part of the renovation project. Access to the main lobby is now available from the first and second floors, and the new patient registration entrance is open. Work continues on the relocation of the Information/Ambassador’s desk, and the hospital’s main entry will remain closed through December while the revolving door entry is replaced. The secondary entrance adjacent to the revolving doors remains the main entrance to the first floor of the hospital during this time.