Community campus upgrades ‘very welcoming’

Over the past several months, various areas of Upstate University Hospital’s Community Campus have undergone significant renovations. The most visible changes can be seen in the main entrance that now features a new reception desk in addition to a new comfortable seating area for visitors. The length of the administrative corridors, main elevator area and basement entrance – to name a few – also don new paint, carpet and signage.

The upgrades made to date include new lighting, floors and color schemes, which are similar to the aesthetics used in facilities throughout Upstate. The colors represent those seen in the Upstate logo, and other features of the upgrades resemble the design of the sixth floor patient unit, which reopened in January 2010.

“The work done to date has been a wonderful transformation of our most visible areas,” said Ken Redmore, associate administrator for facility and support services. “Visitors and staff alike enjoy the space, and the new look wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of the plant operations staff at the Community Campus working closely with the contractors.”

Phase one of this process was supported in part with a $28,000 gift from the former Community General Hospital Employee Fund. For more than 10 years, the fund collected contributions from employees whose donations assisted fellow staff suffering from unexpected hardships at their times of need. When Community General Hospital became the Upstate University Hospital Community Campus, the philanthropic support of the Employee Fund helped to fund the renovations and furnishings for the Community Room, which now honors the history of the hospital with a series of photographs.

“The new look and feel of the areas that have been updated are very welcoming and we are receiving  positive responses from the makeover,” said Meredith Price, chief administrative officer. “The Community Campus is a vibrant, bustling facility and the new designs truly reflect that in a most inviting way.”

Phase two of the renovation process is expected to be under way in the near future, and includes the renovation of additional corridors on the first floor and patient testing lobby. A number of additional construction projects are currently in process including  the completion of a new MRI Suite  in the radiology department.

Caption: The main entrance of the Community Campus now features a new reception desk in addition to a new comfortable seating area for visitors.

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