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New book, Triple Triumph, features three Upstate physicians

The book highlights the obstacles and perseverance that mark the careers of geriatrician Sharon Brangman, surgeon Patricia Numann and diabetes expert Ruth Weinstock.


Guide aims to make geocaching easier for people with disabilities

Guide created by Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital pediatrician Nienka Dosa and others highlights accessible areas of CNY.

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Medical alumni return for Reunion Weekend Sept. 15, 16

The weekend’s events include the Reunion Awards and Scholarship Presentations and the Weiskotten Lecture that delves into the lessons from the global war on terrorism. Both events will be held Sept. 15 and are free and open to the Upstate community.

The United Way Kickoff Cookoff, held Sept. 8 at the NBT Stadium in Syracuse, helped the community get into the spirit of giving and served as an Upstate kickoff to its Community Giving Campaign (CGC), to launch in early October. Upstate entered its delicious Batter’s Box-ty Sliders recipe, a unique take on an Irish potato pancake. Enjoying the Cookoff are Upstate CGC representatives, front row from left, Beth Sellers and Lisa Vigliotti-Bane; back row, from left, Rebecca Pesci, Zanette Howe, Linda Veit, David Amberg, PhD (CGC co-chair), Yvonne Goodman, Margy Bourke and Nancy Prott.