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Upstate Emergency Management rolls out mass communication tool for entire campus

Upstate Medical University’s Department of Emergency Management is rolling out a new mass communications tool that will be used during incident command activations.

Everbridge, which Upstate began using in 2015 in tests with the hospital’s Incident Command officers, will now allow Upstate to communicate rapidly with the entire campus during critical incidents.

In the event of an emergency, Everbridge will use information provided in Self-Serve profiles to contact staff and students in one or more of the following ways: an automated phone call with a message about the situation, a text message and/or an email.

Emergency Management Director Christopher Dunham said the decision to expand the program beyond leadership makes sense at this time. “We have seen, over the past several months, the need to effectively and reliably communicate urgent information to the entire Upstate community.

“This tool will primarily be used for disasters and significant changes to normal day-to-day business at Upstate,” said Dunham. “A good example of this would be a power outage or a significant snow storm, similar to what our city and campus experienced in March of this year.”

There is no need to sign up, and there is not an option to opt-out. However, in order for Everbridge to succeed as an effective tool, Dunham says, “We need everyone to log on to Self-Serve on Upstate’s iPage to update their emergency contact information by using the ‘My Information’ and ‘Employee Information’ tabs.” Cell phone and additional contact information can be updated to your employee details.

While Everbridge allows for mass communication through several different platforms, Groupwise emails from the Incident Command team will continue to be sent each time the Incident Command system is activated.

For more information, visit Everbridge,

To update your employee details, visit Self Serve.

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