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Upstate scientists make breakthroughs in delivering drugs using nanocarriers

Scientists at Upstate Medical University are pairing doxorubicin with regular vitamin B2 to treat ovarian cancer—with encouraging results that are gentle on the heart.

Cancer center-Upstate Hospital

Upstate Emergency Management rolls out mass communication tool for entire campus

Everbridge allows Upstate to communicate rapidly with the entire campus during critical incidents.

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Upstate medical students receive fellowship awards to support their research into tropical medicine

Paris Hantzidiamantis, Megan Harris and John Kahler received Benjamin H. Kean Travel Fellowship in Tropical Medicine awards from The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH).

Upstate Vice President for Operations and Chief of Staff Sergio Garcia, left, speaks at a conference on building healthy cities Sept. 18 at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown. Garcia said that through programs like She Matters, the breast cancer education awareness program at Syracuse Housing Authority, Upstate is able to address some health disparities in the community. Also participating at the conference from Upstate was Simone Seward, director of the Center for Civic Engagement, fourth from right.